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With the right IoT solution in place, Supply Chains can harness the scattered intelligence in embedded sensors and microchips inside equipment onto a cloud and gain real-time visibility and control over their operations….without any human intervention.
IoT based Shipment Solutions
DreamOrbit - A true Internet of Things Company for logistics solutions
DreamOrbit is paving its way towards becoming one of the best internet of things companies for providing logistics solutions. Equipped with an exhaustive knowledge of supply chain and logistics, DreamOrbit is consistently coming up with innovative IoT solutions for the logistics companies. Nurturing a satisfied clientele which spreads across the globe is not an easy task, but DreamOrbit has managed to survive the challenge skillfully.
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Equipment Monitoring System

In scenarios where operator cannot be in proximity of equipment at time of operations can monitor equipment’s vitals and output from a distance. IoT-based solution reads embedded sensor data and digital signals from the machine and populates a remote dashboard.

Connected Operations Floor

As a part of industrial automation, IoT solution can give factory managers a full picture of what is going on the floor- machine’s performance, raw material and energy consumption etc and also alert in case of malfunction or exceeding ambient conditions etc.

Cargo Environment Control System

Business customers are asking for integrity control  especially for sensitive goods. With IoT-approach, the cargos can be monitored for temperature and humidity levels. Receive real-time alerts and trigger corrective actions in physical world.

Regulations & Safety Solutions

Using IoT organizations can regulate safety by integrating data from in-build controllers, embedded sensors, mobile devices, cameras, PLC (programmable Logic controllers), location tracking chips together. When analytics is applied to sensor data, the companies can predict a potential hazard well in advance.

Dynamic Route Planning

Logistics companies achieve transparency of routes and vehicle and dynamically plan optimized routes by gathering GPS data, road sensors, video feeds and loop detectors. The system increases logistics efficiency and better asset utilization.

Vehicle Diagnostic Software

Vehicle embedded microchips and IoT sensors are ideally suited to track all kinds of vehicle parameters like engine health, fuel level, trip analysis etc. and driver behavior exceptions like violating speed limits, harsh driving etc.

Fleet Tracking and Management

End consumers are asking for detailed shipment tracking and the businesses need to achieve transparency in real time. RFID technology, barcode tagging, Mobile Apps and other digital signs can collaborate to efficient operations.

Green Logistics and Energy Management

IoT sensors is not only used in reducing operational cost but also help in tracking utilization of resources like fuel, electricity, natural gas and water. It is well suited for governing and implementing greater environmental sustainability.

IoT enablers

Make a difference with IoT-enabled softwares

RFID technology
Embedded Sensors
Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
Optical tags like QR codes
GPS location chips
PLCs- Programmable Logic Chips
Camera and Audio feed

IoT based Shipment Solutions
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Our IoT Consultants and engineers understand your business and insert IoT to dramatically boost your business efficiency. Our IoT Solution roadmap ensures to meet your long-term goals of Scalability, Ease of Use, Security and Growth.

Implementation or Migration

Our Team help to implement or migrate your connected SCM Solution onto a secure and reliable Cloud platform. The distributed devices and data signals can be collaborated easily and computed within seconds.

Integration with Legacy Systems

Our IoT Consultants and Technology Experts integrates the existing business system seamlessly to IoT-based systems with end to end services of data management, support and maintenance and infrastructure setup. 

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