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Create, execute and monitor Marketing campaigns with a greater efficiency. A holistic solution for the age old problems of personalized marketing, Sales Collaboration, Marketing campaign Analytics, Lead Management, Multichannel execution and resource management. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing helps your business to synchronize Sales and Marketing strategies and multiply the conversion benefits.
Microsoft Dynamics multi-channel marketing

Cross-channel Execution

Your customers start engaging with your brand or product even before interacting with your team.  Your marketing endeavours have to engage these unidentified prospective via offline and online channels.  Microsoft Dynamics provides Visual Campaign Designer, a user-friendly; drag and drop composer that allows you to create visual content for consumption across different channels- be it social media, official website or an email campaign. Not only this, but a single-view window allows your marketing team to manage and monitor all your campaigns at one place.

With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Solution, your marketing team executes multichannel campaigns effortlessly. Your team saves time and reaps higher returns from marketing investment.

Personalized & Social

As much as it is important to campaign aggressively for your products and services, listening back from your customers is equally significant. Any successful marketing plan needs to be assessed for its performance and optimized based on the feedback.  Engage with your customers and improve your brand sentiment.

Microsoft Dynamics embedded Social content management and measurement tools allow your marketing team to track the impact of your brand across different social channels like Facebook, twitter and YouTube.  It gives you engagement prospects which are personal and infectious on Social Platforms. Connect with each and all to make an ingrained presence into the Social world.

Microsft Dynamics Personalized Marketing
Microsoft Dynamics Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

When Sales meet Marketing, it produces great results for your Business. In this competitive market, sales and marketing team cannot work in silos and assume to achieve the best. For a consistent customer experience, it is important for Sales and Marketing team to share knowledge, planners and strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing gives your Sales and Marketing team to collaborate for campaign planning and targeting.  The Marketing team can share its event calendar with Sales team; as well Sales team can share the on-field market trends and insights with marketing team. Get a seamless integration of Sales inputs with Marketing Strategies to achieve these results.

Lead Generation

Lead Leakage is one of the biggest challenges of the businesses across different industries. A sophisticated lead scoring and management tool can help your organization increase number of qualified leads. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Solution allows you to keep your sales and marketing lead funnel in sync to produce better results.

With advanced lead management features, you can create trigger-based nurture programs that convert your leads to sales prospective.  Your sales and marketing team has complete control on the lead journey to sales conversion.

Microsoft Dynamics Lead Management
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Intelleigence

Clean Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Solutions combined with Power BI and Office 365 lets you analyse data, understand market response, measure team productivity and returns on marketing investment.  Your leadership team can review overall marketing programs for its performance, success, impact and optimize the return on marketing investments. Besides the obvious intelligence required for generating leads, marketing analytics can help you assess customer preferences, market trends, and your brand sentiment. This in turn can give crucial feedback to improving your product design, service quality and customer retention strategies.
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