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We empower your Sales team to deliver great results. With ultimate insights about customer behaviour and their needs, we give you best tool to increase sales. Your Sales team can now stay connected, act rapidly and follow up with clients in a much better way.
Microsoft Dynamics Sales Account management

Account Management

Account handling is crucial in both B2C and B2B scenarios, where any account manager can create, track and manage contacts, communications, contracts and other transactions easily through online or mobile application. Microsoft Dynamics Sales Solution has created a Sales Representative-centric account management tool that is straight forward and quick to use.  Your account information can be updated in no time and can be accessed across the team on real-time basis.

Powered with embedded Excel, OneNote and Outlook applications ,closing deals become easier as your sales team can identify opportunities in an account which otherwise would have gone undetected. The Solution can be customized to internal sales and approval process. Your leads can guide the sales reps faster by recommending next steps for their assigned accounts.

Smart Customer Directory

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you not only in centralizing your contacts and customer information but gain visibility in your relationship with the customer.  Sales reps can easily gain access to the past interactions and activities of customer with different functions of your organization-marketing, customer support, Sales and deduce helpful strategies to gain desired results.

On top of this, Microsoft Social Engagement helps your sales team identify opportunities for selling even on social front. The tool helps in automatically assessing social posts and creating sales lead that your reps can pursue.  Powered with InsideView, your team can respond even faster using accurate references and right message.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights
Microsoft Dynamic Mobility

Mobile Sales Team

SalesForce can access office and customers from anywhere, anytime. The sales representative on field are now always in touch with crucial account information and collaborate seamlessly with your marketing and service team to increase productivity and sales effectiveness.  Dynamics Mobile application is available across android, iOS and Windows phone and tablets.  Microsoft Dynamics Sales Solution provides seamless connectivity with sales reps in remote areas where network connection is not reliable. The application works in offline mode and synchronizes with the central system as soon as the network becomes available.

Your sales team can process sales orders on mobile; receive customer signature on order requests, upload supporting documents, list activities meetings and to-dos and manage their planners, create customer specific rates and invoices all on-the-go.

Team Selling

Every sales representative depends heavily on their team for collateral and sales decisions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your streamline long-term and complex sales lifecycles. It provides a sophisticated interface for the complete sales team to receive inputs from internal subject matter experts, influencers and decision makers at different level of sales process.

Microsoft Dynamics Sales solution allows sales reps to create customer relevant proposals and persuasive collaterals as a team with holistic document management system.  With Office 365, access advanced collateral designing and co-authoring capabilities. Communicate within and outside your team on enterprise chatting application – Yammer.  Team leaders can create automated sales workflows and team selling processes for any new incoming opportunity.

Microsoft Dynamics Collaborative Selling
Microsoft Dynamics Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Harness the immersive capabilities of Power BI and analyse your sales data for strategizing and studying important trends.  The solution enables a single-window view of pipeline revenue, current opportunities, closed deals and predictive sales forecast.  Apart from this the team can view shared calendar with marketing to align sales activities.

Microsoft Dynamics Sales solution gives built-in dashboards and out-of-the-box reports with capability to dive deep inside the data.  The solution also allows your organization to create custom fields, KPIs and business specific reports. The team can stay updated with automatic scheduled or on-demand reports and share embedded dashboards across the team via outlook.

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