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Microsoft Dynamics Services

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Get ready to crack leads with our Microsoft Dynamics Service pack. Now you can predict, prepare and pursue your customers with crucial insights. Your representatives can now have access to client’s history, transactional details, current and future requirements via different channels with lightning speed. Your resources and energy can now be directed to most important goal – Your customers. This gives you everything to ensure a personalized and delightful customer experience.


cross channel service

Multi-channel Service

Microsoft Dynamics Service Business Solution lets your customer team reach out to your customer through any channel anywhere in the world. Incident and Resolution management can be carried across web, chat, email, phones, self-service articles and even social media.

With Microsoft Dynamics Services your customer interaction can become context-rich and personalized. Your agents can view customer interaction history earlier with customer service team in any way- offline or online and can help resolve issues faster with minimal customer effort.

Knowledge Base

Enable your customer team with unified communication system and information-rich repository that is accessible across devices. Your Agents can resolve cases faster and effectively by accessing the right solution in minimum time. Even the complex and new issues can be handled by agents easily, as they can access support from internal subject matter experts or professionals via Skype or yammer.

Microsoft Dynamics for Services ensure that your knowledge is valid and updated across all the channels. When combined with mobility, organizations become flexible and agents become powerful with right tools & knowledge.

agent enablement
self service portal

Self-Service Portal

Microsoft Dynamics gives you the flexibility to create and customize your own online support portal. Your customers can independently browse through help articles; knowledge base, help video, product documentations, general service information etc. and resolve generic issues independently. The knowledge base is easy to organize and update and the whole process can be centralized according to your internal process.     

Microsoft Dynamics Services solution lets you even deploy multiple online support portals depending upon product line, brand or region and can be managed from single point of control. Your organization can deliver consistent customer experience even when your customer is not directly interacting with your agent.

Social Reputation

Microsoft Dynamics Service solution lets you follow your customer up till social media networks. Everyday your customers are interacting with or about your brand on social media platforms. Their reviews and feedbacks impact your brand equity directly.  Your level of social engagement in general also contributes to your brand awareness and trust.

Microsoft Dynamics lets you evaluate social sentiment of your brand and provides actionable insights in your customer’s social behaviour. Your team can actively manage your social reputation using Social agent desktop capability and resolve issues even on the social channels.

Social Listening
service dashboard

Service Analytic

Garner interesting and actionable insights about your service function. The leadership team can estimate the service team success by correlating it to factors like response time, closes cases or customer satisfaction and ratings. Microsoft Dynamics is fully integrated with Power BI and Office 365 that lets you generate out-of-the-box or customized reports, interactive dashboards and geospatial visualizations. Power BI with slice and dice capability lets you investigate deep into the trends and opportunities.

Faster Customer

With crucial insights readily and easily available, your team can now focus on Customer Acquisition with greater efficiency. With adaptive systems, your team can do efficient follow ups and increase customer retention.

Personalized Customer

You can now ensure a personalized customer experience every time. Manage multiple brands and business lines easily giving your customer a personal touch and quick response time.

Focused Service

We enable you to give faster customer service with real-time access to updated information. Your employees can access and deliver information anytime and anywhere supporting customer 24X7