Microsoft Dynamics: What to Look Out for in an Implementation Partner

Gurushanthamurthy, Practice Head – Microsoft Dynamics in DreamOrbit, which specializes in developing software for Logistics & Supply chain industry, talks about What to Look Out for in an Implementation Partner.

A successful ERP implementation is determined by a number of factors, and selecting the right implementation partner is high on the list.

    • Partner size

Success of implementation purely depends on the resources available in the implementing partner. There should be sufficient number qualified various resource available in the partner so that it can go smoothly in any kind of situations.

    • Certifications

Implementing partner has to be certified for the ERP for which he is implementing. Certification ensures the availability of right resources with them.

    • Customizations capabilities

Changes to the core ERP product are very much required during the implementation. Implementing partner has to be capable of managing the change requests during the implementation.

    • Maintenance & Support

After the implementation, Maintenance of the ERP is going to be a major task. Implementing partner has to maintain the product for the specified duration without any major hurdles.

    • Cost of Ownership

ERP cost of ownership comprises of Licensing cost, Hardware & networking cost, Implementing cost, Support and Maintenance cost. Partner has to look at all the details and provide optimized cost benefit to us.

    • Vertical expertise

Look for an implementation partner with professionals who understand your industry and its processes, and who can craft a solution for that industry.

Watch this video to know What to Look Out for in an Implementation Partner

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