Most useful IOT for logistics application areas in transportation

IOT for logistics

IOT for logistics has a plethora of applications to discover. To not get overwhelmed by the endless opportunities presented by IOT, Logistics solutions providers and 3PLs often start with prioritizing the requirements. The first step involves seeking a solution for the part of the supply chain which has the biggest impact on the overall efficiency of the logistics company. Warehouses and omnichannel transportation units catered by transportation industry present itself as one of the most decisive segments where supply chain process starts. Last mile delivery being the end part, the transportation business owners are trying to embrace IOT for logistics in an inward approach. That means that the most sought out IOT solutions are designed for the warehouses, distribution centers and dispatch process of the supply chain.

Few of the important applications of IOT for logistics in the stated segments are,

IOT for logistics

Most useful IOT for logistics application areas in transportation

Capacity estimation and sensing

Capacity estimation and sensing with IOT for logistics solutions help in the staffers in getting the stacking and loading operations done quickly without any error. Operating inside the inventory in a warehouse can be cumbersome with frequent to and fro trips between the stacking shelf and containers. Same needs to be numbered and attached with the cargo id such that no misplace happens. With the help of the barcode sensors, RFIDs are able to get the empty space within the containers. This also helps in counting the units and maintains an accurate account of the inventory units.
On a daily basis, the pickers have to walk around 7 miles on the floor during the shifts for pickup and counting activities. With the IOT based capacity estimation and sensing solutions, the daily physical labor of the staffers is reduced and improves the efficiency with faster operations. The redundant operations of manual checking and counting can also be removed from the process and the saved work hours and labor can be utilized in more productive ways.

Planning & reporting status updates

In-house visibility for the containers is as crucial for the staffers as in-transit visibility. It also helps in avoiding the theft or loss of freight scenarios where the staffers can get clueless about the needed shipment at the time of loading. This can happen for primarily 2 reasons, that is, insufficient planning and lack of real-time status updates about the location of the shipments. Inventory management is a volatile process and the same nature of it can create a number of confusing situations for the consignments. It is not necessary that the location at which the consignment was last dropped, the picker will be getting the consignment from the same spot. It can get transferred to some other location in the same warehouse and know the exact location of the needed load with the help of IOT for logistics solutions is a much-needed relief in the huge inventories of the modern times.

Route optimization

An efficient route optimization scheme for the carriers can result in the elimination of 175 grams of carbon emission produced by every extra mile traveled by it. Think about the impact that can be made by an IOT enabled route optimization system which can save thousands of miles to be traveled by the carrier. IOT enabled route optimization further enhances the process by collaborating with all the units of the fleet which are dispersed over a large geography. These connected vehicles can communicate the crucial information in real time about the statistics which changes dynamically from region to region. Traffic congestion, weather conditions, and open routes can impact the time and distance traveled by the carriers in a great way and real-time information for the same can help the drivers to go for the most viable route for completion of the trip.

Energy management

Energy management is often neglected for the in-house operations of the logistics industry. With IOT for logistics applications providing automated solutions for effective utilization of power, companies are realizing that they can cut down their energy consumption by a huge margin. The IOT sensor enabled monitoring solutions can automatically shut down or switch on the power for the sections of the warehouses which are out of any activity or are undergoing operations respectively. With the warehouses becoming larger than before and manual monitoring becoming tougher, these IOT enabled heat and motion sensors can provide huge value to the administrators to ensure that they are able to utilize the energy resources more smartly.

Fault detection and rectification

As suggested by the Accenture study, IOT solutions are vital in reducing the repair expenses by 12% and maintenance ones by 30%. The advantages don’t stop here, IOT for logistics applications can also help in reducing the downtime by a huge 70%. Think about getting back in operations around 70% faster after a scheduled or unscheduled repair instance, it saves crucial work hours for your business which might otherwise be useful only for increasing the expenses for you.
With the help of predictive programming and diagnostic alerts sent by the IOT enabled sensors the warehouse management systems (WMS) are able to detect and rectify the problem earliest as a leverage for the operations. Delayed assistance not only increases the possibility of damage to the machinery it also increases the time period needed for maintenance and getting operations back on track. Whereas with prompt rectification on vigilant monitoring, both the harms can be avoided.

IOT in logistics is projected to generate a $1.9 trillion value in the next decade in a 2015 CISCO IOT trend report. We can see the beginning of embracing the IOT for logistics solutions with the nature of queries for development from logistics software solution providers, 3PLs and end users. But we still feel that the logistics business owners need to get more versatile exposure in terms of viable solutions available in the industry today. Dreamorbit offers strong development support to a vast range of clients across the globes in IOT for logistics services and also tries to push the boundaries by going innovative with the solutions. If you are looking for some valuable insights for how to improve your business with IOT for logistics solutions, let’s get in touch for a quick discussion.

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