Looking for Multiple Carriers Tracking solutions? Look no further!

DreamOrbit is bringing robust multiple carriers tracking solutions for the logistics companies who are looking out for fast and exceptionally accurate tech solutions. Customized to the scale and requirements of the users, these carrier management are made to bridge the gap between the carriers and load centres. With DreamOrbit multiple carriers tracking, you get

Get Proof of Delivery, manage inbound, and outbound shipments, integrate with the TMS of different supply chain partners easily. You will be able to locate, track and monitor each carrier from your fleet right on the screen available nearest to you.
Send event triggered notifications. Create customized portals dedicated for key players. Master the art of handling exception case management. It is good to own a versatile fleet. It is even better to manage and control them exceptionally well. We do this for you.
Get the best bidding rate and spot secured with the help of faster operations. You get to monitor, analyze and operate in real time. This means that you can get your thoughts coming to life within minutes.
Get crisp data with detailed analytics on your dashboard. We provide tech expertise which is made with precision and years of experience. The results are nothing less than perfect solutions.
Make your carriers and load management process as seamless as possible. Streamline communication, develop prompt notification system and handle exception cases on real time basis. Get your carrier’s output as efficient as it can be.
Multiple Carriers tracking & management solutions

Carrier Management

Load Acceptance

Receive loads of internal and external lists round the clock without waiting for the documentation.


Automated matching for load and carrier from the system which speeds up the process of dispatch.

Filter Carriers

Search for contracted carriers for TL , LTL or co-loading and get your loads rolling as fast as possible.

Rates & Carrier Booking

Bidding Edge

Quote rates and negotiate for the right price by getting a comprehensive view of all the available rates.

Real-time assignment

Assign carrier on real time basis to provide shipment related information for allotment of required carriers.

Integrate accounting

Manage Dispatch and generate BoL by simultaneously working on the accounting and documentation process.

Invoices and Documentation

Bills & Payments

Settle invoices received from the carriers along with the checklist of documents to submit the customer.

Seamless communication

Send invoices to customers attaching required documents for order fulfillment.

Streamline documentation

Managing documentations like carrier contracts, processing rules, EDI standard documents etc.
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