On Earth Day – Logistics Sustainability is need of the hour and how technology can help?

In 1962, Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring published the case study on how the overuse of this pesticide was polluting rivers and bringing birds like bald eagle on a brink of extinction. Earth day was first created 48 years ago in 1970, after a decade of social activism to save the Earth from modern human activities.

Today, millions of people take part in Earth day. It has exploded into an international day of attention and activism dedicated to protecting the environment. And endorsing Logistics Sustainability is a facet of the very same activism that we see as our responsibility at DreamOrbit. Our message this year is to promote IoT based Logistics Sustainability Software Solutions that will help socially conscious companies to achieve these goals. Here are 3 tips that can kick start your Sustainability strategy –

Invest in a TMS – Logistics Industry heavily relies on enormous amount of fuel each year and has been increasing steadily. One of the most responsible action a truck company can take is to ensure that their trucks are as full as possible and their delivery routes are as optimized as possible. This would not only increase the efficiency but also reduce the numbers of trucks on road. This can be easily managed if you are using a TMS software.

Consolidation of Shipments – There has been a steady increase in inbound freights and consolidating  LTLs to FTLs is not only cost effective but cuts down number of trucks on roads leading to decrease of fuel combustion. Many 3PL company have started providing consolidation as one of the main service.

IoT to monitor carbon emission – Such IoT based solution helps companies get a better understanding of the current CO2 emission, track frequently and benchmark performance over time and ultimately improve processes and increase margins.

This year we can honor Earth day by investing in technology that is aimed at better management of our assets and optimized consumption of our resources. Happy Earth Day from DreamOrbit

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