BI Dashboard

BI Dashboard for Logistics

Project Details







One of the fastest growing 3PL’s in Arizona, USA and first class provider of LTL, Expedited Shipping, Full Truck Load and Supply Chain Management solutions with an annual revenue of more than $300 Million. DreamOrbit helped them collate multiple data sources to populate Business Intelligence Dashboards accessible on both web browser and on smartphones.

Business Needs:
Our client was facing challenges in achieving complete business intelligence crucial for decision making.

  1. Real-time Analytics
  2. Drill down – Slice and Dice
  3. High Speed & Flexibility
  4. Better Data Aggregation
  5. Continuous Event Processing
  6. Triggered and configurable Alerts
  7. Best in class security.

DreamOrbit Solution:
DreamOrbit developed data-driven dashboard using NoSQL and Mahout algorithms. The Dashboard was available both on web and mobile application. Additional data sources were also included in the business case scenario.

Client’s Benefits:

  1. Increased Revenue
  2. Reduced OPEX
  3. Increased Profit Margines
  4. Handing double the Shipments
  5. Increased Accuracy in Forecast