E-commerce Solution for Niche Retailer

Project Details







An aggregator of Professional Gears for Outdoor Sports-Outdoor Prolink have launched an eCommerce Website where the Outdoor Professionals and Adventurists can directly order from the manufacturers of niche sports gear and accessories. This program also supports the users to review and give constructive feedback to the manufacturer through this website. DreamOrbit has helped with Conceptualization, Design and Development of the eCommerce Product within minimum time-frame. We also created a mobile application to extend shopping experience onto smartphones.

Business Needs:

  1. To conceptualize the niche selling experience for customer and create features for both the front-end and back-end operations.
  2. To design and develop an eCommerce platform with latest features at par with current industry and constantly enhance the same
  3. To connect both ends of supply and demand seamlessly via technology.

DreamOrbit Solution:

  1. DreamOrbit stream-lined the Go-To features required for the market.
  2. DO provided the customer with continuous support in terms of development and enhancement ideas required for their business in line with the current market.
  3. Mobile Shopping App Solution
  4. Integrated features of Business Intelligence & Analytics

Benefit of the Customer:

  1. On-time eCommerce website and mobile launch in the market
  2. Market Analysis supported
  3. Improved on-boarding of the new customers