Employee Empowerment using Digital

Project Details







The client is a real estate developer who wants to scale with the help of sophisticated technology solutions. His main focus is automation of Lead Creation, Campaign Management, Sales Forecast and Target Mapping to generate better output for his team’s invested efforts.

Business Challenges

The client’s sales team was facing challenges related to manual process namely as Lead Leakage, Poor return on ROMI, Low lead conversion, delay in Case Management. It was evident that even with their 100% efforts and dedication, a sustainable ROI couldn’t be attained with the existing methods. A fresh perspective was needed.

Business Solution

Dreamorbit suggested implementation of Dynamics CRM for Sales and Service processes, implementation of Dynamics Marketing and integration with Ramco ERP and 3rd Party portals. All these steps were in order to make the existing sales and marketing processes automated which required less efforts and generates faster results. Customers could book flats online.

Business Benefits

Employee Empowerment

  1. Increase in lead generation
  2. Increase in lead conversion


Customer Experience

  1. Higher customer satisfaction