Customer Experience using Digital Collaboration

Project Details







Client, founded in Boulder, CO, is focused on building technology solutions for the Transportation Industry. Client specializes in Mobile Applications, SaaS Software Solutions, Enterprise Software Solutions and Custom Integration generating an annual revenue of around $5.6 Million

Business Challenges

Client wanted to build a Real-Time online Marketplace for transportation. As a part of it, they wanted a native cross-platform solution which supports both, iOS, Android and further scalable to Windows phones too.

Business Solution

DreamOrbit  proposed a cross platform development environment called Xamarin. It is a highly credible solution and is been widely used for robust enterprise mobility solutions. Using this tool we are developing native applications for android which could later be extended to Windows too.

Business Benefits

Customer Experience

  1. No More Phone Calls.
  2. Truck Capacity in Real-Time.
  3. Perfectly Matched Trucks.
  4. Fully Automated Dispatch.


Efficient Asset Utilization

  1. Truck Location Automatically Updated.