Keeping Pizzas Hot using IoT-based solution

Project Details







DreamOrbit innovated an IoT-based solution that helps our customer deliver hot pizzas, but also meet better food standards. Our Customer Story also got featured in Our customer, US-based Pizza Chain promises to serve fresh right-out-of-the-oven pizzas with melting and chewy cheese. They wanted to keep their promise even for home-delivery orders. A 30-minute drive from oven to the pizza-lover was the challenge they wanted to meet.

      1. The Delivery scooter are fitted with temperature sensor and sim that sends real-time status of the pizza

      1. The Pizza Kitchen calls back the pizza, if it’s deemed unfit to be served and another pizza is dispatched instantly. The customer is notified. The whole process is automated, but requires an approval from Manager.

      1. In the next phase, the solution would be implemented for regulating the temperature of the box via internet.


      1. The pilot-run gave our Customer insights into how long a pizza be fit for serving.

      1. The Customer had better control over service levels of delivery boy.

      1. Our Customer are getting better reviews and are preferred pizza chain for home deliveries too.

      1. Our Customers are adhering to better food standards, as they claim to keep frozen and cooked food both at right temperature.