Operation Cost Optimization using IoT

Project Details







A leading provider of industrial process technologies and solutions, which makes significant contribution to feeding the world’s population. Around 65% of the wheat harvested worldwide is processed into flour in mills owned by the company apart from doing many other kind of food processing. Furthermore, it is a leading solution provider of die casting, wet grinding, and surface coating technologies, with a focus on applications in the automotive, optics, electronics, printing, packaging, and glass technologies.
It has over 10,600 employees at some 140 sites generating sales of billions of dollars. 

Business Challenges

The owners of the factory were not able to see the  performance of the grain sorting machine. Also there was no single platform for service engineers and owners to monitor the machines. The other big challenge was for the service engineers to do remote troubleshooting and fixing problems.

Business Solution

DreamOrbit came up with an end to end solution which did monitoring of machines, remote access using custom protocols, CRM module to manage problems and incidents along with a chat system, mobile application, reporting and stats. 

Business Benefits

Operation Cost Optimization –

  1. Centralized Dashboard to manage machines in remote factoring
  2. Completely removed the need for factory owner to setup VPN access
  3. Single place to manage problems, incidents and related communications & tasks
  4. Improved production because of real time monitoring of faults
  5. Deep insights into the functioning of the machine which was difficult to capture before