Order Management Solution

Project Details







A key brand marketing player in USA. They create, produce and distribute innovative marketing solutions for world-renown retail brands.Their services includes brand packaging support, kit assembly, digital printing etc.

DreamOrbit developed an online order management solution that integrated with their existing Sharepoint Enterprise Tool.

Business Problems:

  1. Client ‘s inventory data was managed on external SQL Database
  2. Client wanted to manage their incoming of orders with existing SharePoint Portal and allow them to manage different roles and user groups and assign the orders to respective owners for processing.

DreamOrbit Solution:

  1. DreamOrbit built Order management application using SharePoint 2013 with Custom WebPart and Rest Service which communicates to the SQL Database
  2. Solution was deployed on the existing SharePoint Portal

Customer Benefits:

  1. Complete control for order processing
  2. The new role was easily assigned to the existing users in the existing SharePoint Application used by the client
  3. Centralized Database and real-time monitoring enabled
  4. Easy Access to Analytics on inventory