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US based 3rd Party Logistics Company with an annual revenue of more than $500 million provides LTL, TL, Expedited, Ocean shipping etc as services to its large customer base. The company is #4 ranked Logistics company in USA.

DreamOrbit helped them in automating their back-office operations and Freight Bill Auditing Process. We achieved this by developing “Order Management” software tailored to their requirements.

Business Needs:

  1. Automate and Support their its back office operations.
  2. A system  which is capable of booking orders by back office sales representatives, view orders booked, add carriers set tariff, generate invoices
  3. 360 visibility of KPI and Reporting Engine for detailed reports.

DreamOrbit Solution:

DreamOrbit developed an integrated software solution which would automate back office operations. The new software had features like shipment tracking, dashboard to view KPIs and producing reports. The software also performs a three-way matching of all bills to ensure correctness.

Client’s Benefits:

  1. Faster Back-office operations
  2. KPIs and Report generation to facilitate informed decision making
  3. Business Process Optimization
  4. Insusceptible to future scalability
  5. Lower Cost of Ownership
  6. Improved User Experience for the application users.