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An Intellectual Property (IP) Services Firm specializing in providing consultancy services and IP support services for Patent preparation, patent prosecution (office actions), patent filing, patent search and analyses.
Business Problem:

  1. Manual Management of patents using “Microsoft Word”
  2. Poor visibility and tracking of the on-going/pending patents
  3. Repetitive and slow process of completing patents.

DreamOrbit Solution:

  1. We developed online patent filling tool that could help prepare a new patent for a customer much faster
  2. Online collaboration and approval process was automated using this tool
  3. The tool was developed to handle patent process from multiple countries
  4. Integrated Document Management Functionality along with the tool
  5. Automated Reminders, status reports and other notifications were configured to increase productivity.

Our Customer’s Benefits:

  1. Single Repository of all the completed and on-going patents
  2. Dynamic Reporting Engine to give status report of the on-going tasks
  3. Increased productivity and visibility with online collaboration and auto-notification functionality
  4. Leadership team had better “overall visibility” in the business operations.