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US based 3rd Party Logistics Company with an annual revenue of more than $500 million provides LTL, TL, Expedited, Ocean shipping etc as services to its large customer base. The company is #4 ranked Logistics company in USA.

Our Client wanted to launch a new service for Ocean Shipments and DreamOrbit helped them automate the complete service starting from online order booking by customer to back-office order handing operations.

Business Needs:

  1. Automate and Support the service offering in their portfolio
  2. A system which is capable of including multiple shipment carriers, each involving booking and invoicing.
  3. From the shipper’s perspective to avail order booking, tracking and payment through online portal.

DreamOrbit Solution:

DreamOrbit developed an application which allowed the customer to book, pay and track the entire shipment through a single order booking number in the front end. A single invoice thus produced could be matched to multiple bills in the back end, ensuring complete authenticity.

Client’s Benefits:

  1. Opportunity to scale up to International Shipment
  2. Increased client based by adding more shippers from the new sectors
  3. Improved Shipper/Customer Satisfaction
  4. Low cost of ownership