What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is an ntelligent automation of business with the help of software robots. RPA can, for example, enable you to outsource manual, rule-based, repetitive tasks from employees to software robots that complete the tasks efficiently and precisely.

Enabling Digital Workforce of tomorrow

RPA allows your employees to save both time and resources. With RPA they can leave the manual work to the software robot and dedicate more time to qualitative tasks that lead to increased customer satisfaction. With Robot Process Automation, companies are automating processes for your back office, front office and support functions!


Augment your automation outcomes with our dedicated RPA specialists

Our RPA experts pre-analyze the business team with process re-engineering & evaluation, estimating business value impact and drafting use cases.

Determining suitable RPA platform to deliver working software or service. Beta testing with control group for evaluating correlation between cost and benefit

We work both agile and waterfall method to develop automation solution. We start with pilot implementation and move to full scale across organization

Typical RPA use case for Logistics

Smart Office using RPA

Though the 3PL agents should be focusing on coordinating with multiple parties for best price, insuring delivery, and payment settlements. However, in many organizations most of their time is spent on repetetive operational activities. Some legacy systems forces the agent to complete numerous steps to complete common tasks that do not require human judgment, for example, searching the carrier’s website for a tracking number, then copying and pasting the updates in the TMS. Such tasks can be easily automated, saving sufficient time for agents to do their job effectively.

The smart office solution using RPA automates all the high frequency repetetive tasks. A UI Interface like Dashboard can be created for these common tasks. The agent only need to press the button, and the bots do the rest. Whether it is to synchronize pieces of data across systems to update tracking information of multiple containers that the 3PL might be handing or duplicating data from TMS to other systems like accounting, insurance or customer support.

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