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Top regulations which are going to affect freight broker software solutions in 2017

Freight brokers need to work in challenging environment. Right from winning the confidence of the shippers to providing carriers profitable deal every time, they need to prove their utility for the system. Since there are often voices from disgruntled shippers who really want to eliminate the middleman role of the freight brokers and work directly with the carriers. This may seem easy as you read it but works in a far more complicated way in the real scenario. Scheduling, fixing the spot rates and understanding the right carrier to transfer a shipment are the most basic traits that the freight broker needs to master. To achieve this, getting some help from technology never hurts which comes in the form of freight broker software. These freight broker software also evolve with the changing needs of the industry and also have to incorporate the new regulations proposed by the authorities to ensure safe transportation. We are discussing the major regulations of 2017 which are going to have an impact on freight broker software in the future.

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Major changes freight broker software will be focusing in 2017

When transporters realized that they are wasting $26 bn every year on idle trucks, they were awakened by the need of freight broker software and its importance for business. The resources wasted on the idle trucks can be utilized in a far better way by proper utilization of the transportation resource. Freight broker software is aimed at solving this problem. Freight broker software is essentially a load and carrier matching software which helps in faster shipping of freight and lower idle time for the carriers. Both the outcomes are super beneficial for the transporters who are looking to gain maximum ROI from their fleet.   

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Most essential parameters obtained from freight brokering software helping Freight Brokers

Most essential parameters obtained from freight brokering software

We are discussing here the key parameters which helps the freight brokers to be always at the top of their game. We have heard a lot about the growing inclination of the industry towards the adoption of software solutions for business. It is time to introspect the actual value added by the freight brokering software solutions in the business.  

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