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TMS solutions in 2017 and major trends of transportation industry

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The transportation industry is going through some remarkable changes in present times. These changes are precursors to some long lasting impact which is going to change the way freight moves in the world. Transportation Management Software or TMS solutions are the first ones which need to be improved on the basis of changing trends in supply chain industry. In 2017, we are expecting the transportation industry even more dynamic in terms of movement of shipments. It is because of the advent and adoption of next age solutions such as IOT and omnichannel transportation has leveled up the game.

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5 Important questions to ask from your TMS solution providers

5 Important questions to ask from your TMS solution provider

Within the first 6 months of introducing your logistics business with a TMS, your cost savings can rise to as high as 33%. This quite tempting, isn’t it? Most of the logistics business owners will answer in affirmation. But only the ones who have gone through the painful process of finding a right TMS solution and more importantly a reliable TMS software provider can understand the true difficulties hidden in the quest. To know why selecting the right TMS solution provider is so important for business, apart from the benefits a TMS can fetch you, you also need to know that the same decision can backfire too.

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