Tremendous benefits of vehicle tracking software coupled with monitoring

When the National Highway & Transport Safety Association (NHTSA) released the rise in traffic casualties at 7.7%, it raised few eyebrows. The reason being the rise is highest observed in the last half century and definitely, raises few grave concerns regarding the safety of vehicles on the highway. As always, experts are trying to find the preventions as well as solutions in technology viz vehicle tracking software. Vehicle tracking software has always been considered to have more utility for operational convenience than anything else. But with few upgradations, vehicle tracking software are offering much more than location information of the carrier. It is expanding its domain by providing more value for fuel management, more robust monitoring for autonomous vehicles and inputs for safety and regulations compliance. Vehicle tracking is now stepping up to provide more value by becoming consequential in improving safety standards for the carriers by adding more offerings.   

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Vehicle tracking isn’t limited to location coordinates anymore. Vehicle tracking software is finding much more acceptance than before in the current times due to changing business needs. These business needs or challenges are addressed with the outputs obtained from vehicle tracking software. These outputs can be location status, but not limited to that. Vehicle tracking software is also sending key monitoring statistics to the central monitoring system of the transportation system. These stats can be used to analyze a number of parameters which affect the success rate of deliveries as well as the efficiency of logistics companies. Driver behavior analysis, fuel efficiency, temperature and pressure monitoring are only a few of these which can be obtained by vehicle tracking software and worked upon.

Vehicle tracking software for fuel management

By analyzing the data provided by vehicle tracking software, companies are reducing their fuel expenses by a significant margin. For an instance, waste disposal company Clean Harbours has managed to save 5-10% on their fuel expenses by reduced idling. Similar insights, which can significantly impact the overall fuel expenses incurred by the transportation companies, can be obtained with the help of proper analysis of vehicle tracking software data periodically. Since fuel efficiency is another major factor apart from driving style which determines the carrier conditions on the road, it makes sense to evaluate the carrier condition based on fuel efficiency.It also helps in validating the new business practices and allotment of the trips in accordance with the driver’s performance on specified routes.

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The mentioned benefits are not mere speculations, these are the observations which are made after analyzing the changes occurred in the monthly reports of the organization post implementation of vehicle tracking software. The City of Lemoore, California implemented these solutions in 2008 to manage their 200 municipal carriers fleet. After a year of implementation, they found out that they are saving 40 hours of monthly labor on fuel cost management which accounts for an yearly saving of roughly $9,000.

Vehicle tracking software in the times of autonomous carriers

While the commercial autonomous vehicles are opening the gateway for a plethora of interesting opportunities for an industry struggling with the driver shortage, it has also raised few valid concerns. With a different mode of transportation of freight, i.e. autonomous vehicles, the security concerns are also unique. No doubt the autonomous vehicles are strictly programmed vehicles which are meant to drive with added precision. The main concerns are about the outbound attacks such as DDoS via the internet which are easier in the connected scheme of Internet of Things (IoT). In these cases, vehicle tracking software is much needed to raise prompt alarms after noticing any deviation from the planned route for trips due to a security breach.  

It is always better to have a keen eye on the driving behavior of on trip autonomous vehicles as in absence of complete human interaction, the digitally savvy carriers are still prone to digital attacks. These attacks can be more damaging than the human errors.

Vehicle tracking software for compliance and safety regulations

Driver behavior monitoring does have a significant impact on the on road safety of drivers as well as carriers. Around 29% of the companies who have installed vehicle tracking software have observed improvements in the driving behavior of the drivers as suggested by Jonathan Durkee from Fleetmatics. The sudden application of breaks or acceleration and violation of speed limits in lieu of the absence of a monitoring system often leads to fatal casualties. With vehicle tracking software recording each and every step was taken by the driver while driving, the chances of them becoming more cautious about road safety rules have increased. In the same spirit, it also helps the drivers to prove their case for insurance claims when the casualty is not due to driver’s negligence which is a huge relief. It can be inferred that a robust vehicle tracking software for monitoring the driving behavior improves the safety quotient for the trips as well as incentivize the vigilant drivers by maintaining a driving record.  

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Similar to the ELD mandate, which requires all the transportation vehicles to be equipped with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) by December 18th, 2017, many fuel and safety regulations are also in pipeline. These regulations can be implemented fully only in the noticeable presence of a tracking system in place which ensures complete adherence to the rules. Vehicle tracking software will be helpful in the process of making transportation business more regulated with needed mandates.  
The transporters are now acknowledging the high return on investment obtained by seeking a holistic vehicle tracking software rather than going for a basic one. The logistics companies, having a keen sense of future needs and preventive technology has shown greater confidence in robust and innovative vehicle tracking software than any other means to safeguard their fleet. Transporters are asking for a more detailed analysis of data obtained and more intelligent systems as vehicle tracking software. They have confidence on the fact that to become much more efficient in future they have to utilize their past data wisely. By understanding this utmost requirement of the business owners, Dreamorbit is constantly advancing in devising innovative and more fruitful vehicle tracking software solutions for the logistics companies.

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