Orders, Customers, Trucks, Equipment, Drivers and everything on your fingertips
Truck Dispatching Software
Orders & Dispatches
Enter new customers and orders
Assign equipment, driver or carriers to the order
Raise invoices and settle driver’s payment
Truck Dispatching Software
Routes and Communication
Consolidate loads and plan optimized routes
Stay connected with your drivers via Mobile App
Truck Dispatching Software
Status & Reports
Availability of Equipment and truck
Orders that are dispatched or delayed
Fuel card and expenses management
Truck Dispatching Software
Map Everything
Visualize the orders, trucks and routes over a map
Track location and status of the orders in progress
What’s more?

Not only automate processes unique to your organization but stay ahead of competition

  • Integrate Carrier-Broker Exchange Portals
  • Integrate with Shippers/Receivers Inventory Management System to speed up the process
  • Advanced IoT-based sensitive shipment tracking and temperature monitoring

no IT Training or infrastructure
IoLT (Internet of Logistics Things)
Our solution combines data from sensors for tracking and monitoring important milestones of your operations. An IoT-based solution needs no or minimum manual data entry from humans.
Cloud – based Deployments
We can deploy a fully or hybrid cloud-based solution with complete data protection. Your software will be accessible to any desktop or mobile client. A cloud-bases solution has nearly 100% uptime.
Apps and API
Build Mobile Apps that simplifies the job of your team and include them in planning and execution of services. Connect easily with other software systems within or outside your organization using custom-built API.
Our Work

Faster Product Transformation using Cloud

Digital Transformation

Asset Utilization using Cloud & IoT

Digital Transformation

Operation Cost Optimization using IoT

Digital Transformation

Employee Empowerment using Digital

Digital Transformation

Customer Experience using Digital Collaboration

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