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Automated scheduling and dispatch of carriers allow you to save on the important time and resources by speeding up the process. The trucking software is adequately adapt to make schedules and routes to optimize efficiency and minimize expenses making it more viable for the business. It avoids any delay due to manual approval and documentation for dispatch by automatically pushing the freight to the next stage once it is ready.


Track which are the upcoming invoices or getting delayed? Keep a tab on all your payments. We provide in depth and trustable accounting solutions to manage your financial chores. The invoice management software will take care of everything from purchase orders to IFTA payments. It also gives you timely reminders for the unpaid invoices and upcoming bills to track the cash flow. This is your personal trucking software as accountant, to say the least.


Who drove the load and to where? Who performed best? Pay the drivers by just looking at a report. You can statistically gauge the performance of your carriers on various parameters with your trucking software. The driver data in terms of miles covered, efficiency percentage, capacity, and expertise level help you to allocate loads in a better and more confident way. It also gives you a fair idea about the ease and prowess of drivers on different routes. This helps you as well as drivers to increase their efficiency.


Manage LTL, FTL and co-loading orders from multiple partnered logistics brokers, shippers and load boards at one place. Match the load orders to your capacity at the right price. Negotiate for the deserved profit margins and send/receive documents related to every transaction. When you are dealing with multiple systems including drivers, IFTA taxes, carrier expenses and operational costs, trucking software helps by ensuring that you are always above the threshold and never doing the business for the loss.


Asset management often becomes a crucial aspect of the trucking business. And this is true for valid reasons of safety of carrier, freight, and driver. Having a holistic tracking system for trucks relieves you from wondering about the timely deliveries and whereabouts of the freight. It also instills greater levels of trust in the clients when they can have regular status updates of their freight. Getting a dependable tracking mechanism works as an insurance for trouble free trucking business.


In order to grow fast, trucking companies often don’t pay attention to the expenses they are incurring in business. This can often lead to disproportionate expenses on trucks. To avoid this, truck expenses monitoring feature can give you a fair idea and strength to analyze that when you need to stop. It is tempting to keep your carriers running 24/7 but it may not necessarily be profitable too.


Carriers with Full Truck Loads (TLs) and Less Than-Truck-Loads (LTLs) can be managed for greater output with same resources with smart Truckload planning. Trucking companies are trying to optimize the load capacity for single as well as multi-carrier fleets by opting for a Truckload planning system which plans and distributes loads in a way that there is proper utilization of load capacity.


With stringent IFTA and NTSB rules, it is important to maintain proper documentation for all the carriers as well as freight. Trucking software documentation makes it possible to reach out to any crucial documentation anytime. So in case your driver is needed to show the valid license and freight documentation in the middle of a transfer, you can avail him same in seconds.


Trucks are the engines for your business. And you never want your engines to get dry out of negligence. Truck maintenance software keeps a tab that your fleet is getting the necessary maintenance from time to time. It schedules the servicings, periodical checks and expert reviews for any repair work needed. It also prompts you for any irregularity detected in the carriers.


Truck Routing is the superpower your carriers need to be always on the “right track”. It ensures that the routes are planned for maximum efficiency of fuels as well as man hours. Truck routing software is proved to be eminent in increasing the profit margins of trucking companies from 10% to 40%. With dynamic routing software, you can also manage the routes instantly with respect to the change in freight.

Center of Excellence for Trucking Software

Your business and software needs to be in perfect harmony. Our development team has all the right tools, expertise and practice to do so.

Custom developed Truck Management Software

Why do you need trucking management software?

Your business moves with your trucks. How efficiently you manage your trucks also answers that how efficiently you manage your business. Trucking software can help you to optimize your business on different levels varying from dispatch to maintenance. The problems which can be solved by a valuable trucking system and their impact on your business can be huge. Let’s check out these problems and the impact.

Tracking Trucks

Tracking your consignments is tough. Doing it in real time is even tougher. Keeping a log of individual carriers through GPRS is again not feasible. Your carriers are your valuable assets which need to be monitored 24/7 to ensure that nothing goes wrong for your client.

Update on Business

You need a holistic system which explains your current position right in front of you without you doing the labor work. You can access your business KPIs on a single panel to know in seconds that where your business stands.

Real Time Management

Re-Routing, slip driver system, fluctuating freight management and sudden changes due to external factors needs immediate and real time attention. But to compensate these requirements, you need to have a real-time management system via which you can take up the required measures. Trucking software from Dreamorbit efficiently helps in this task.

Constraints in Scaling

In Trucking business, nothing stops ever, not even your plans to scale up. But the first trouble you are going to face while scaling up is managing the increased fleet and its demands. Manual intervention in keeping business on tracks has its own constraints. If you really want to scale and grow exponentially, you ought to take help from technology in the form of trucking software.

Accounting errors

Accounting is the process which keep fueling your engines (literally). They move your resources in right direction keeping your workforce and clients satisfied. But errors in accounting can be equally fatal. To avoid any human error, you need to have a dedicated accounting system as part of your trucking software for hassle free functioning of business.

Delayed Deliveries

This is the last thing anyone in Trucking industry would want. Without the help of instant tech support, it takes a considerable time to overcome any sudden challenge. It could be anything ranging from a natural calamity to change in laws. But trucking software can come to your rescue to avoid setbacks in such situations.

Maintenance issues

Truck maintenance software closes the loopholes in your maintenance system by keeping the track of schedules and giving alerts. The automated process is much easier and error free to follow than manually keeping a tab of maintenance cycle of each carrier.

Increasing Operational cost

Sometimes for growing fast, rather than fueling your business with extra resources, all you need to do is to pivot your processes. We help you to manage larger goals and truck management issues with lesser operational cost with our trucking software solutions.

Specializing Your Software

If your business is specific, so is the software that we develop


Simplify LTL/parcel from load handling to billing with multiple shippers or brokers and assigning it to trucks on the different routes. A simplified and easy to use dispatch management software can improve your business operations enormously. You will be able to see, manage and analyze your loads, carriers, routes and clients on the same page. And trust us, it is a huge relief when you can’t miss and can make use of every single detail. You will able to easily juggle the information about freight between multiple carriers with ease and greater speed. Carriers with a plan for multiple stops including pickup and drop points can be managed by you in a better way.


Various transaction codes are the backbone of the trucking industry and its functions. But are you ensuring that these transaction codes are providing you the strongest support to function effortlessly? Trucking software does exactly same by integrating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) feature. EDI finds new relevance in trucking business by speeding up the information exchange between carriers and the operators. Trucking software is rapidly making it an integral part of them to gear up for giving a better experience to the trucking business owners. The crucial point is, Trucking industry needs EDI which covers all the standard formats created by American National Standards Institute (ANSI X12) as well as United Nations for intermodal operations.


You can reap up anywhere between 10 to 40% of profit in trucking by optimizing your routes. And where this profit comes from? It comes from the fuel and time saved on the routes followed by the carriers. At first it might not seems to make a huge difference, but when you are looking at vast geography covered by the carriers in order to transport freight, a minute tweak in route can end up in saving precious man hours and fuel. A routing software is far more intelligent than the manual planning of routes as it takes historical, climatic and geographic data into consideration while planning route. Also, with dynamic routing, it enables you to adapt to any sudden change in the plan.
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Why choose DreamOrbit to develop Trucking Software?

We add value to your business with our committed services


We proudly flaunt a team of experienced professionals who have spent years in devising great truck management software for best service providers. Though the requirements change with times, but the core expertise and a penchant for innovation make our professionals stand apart.


We want your trucks to move towards a better future. That’s why we consider not only your current requirements but try to grasp the future vision too. This helps us to take an extra mile and deliver high-end solutions which take care of your vision for years ahead.


Best trucking management software are bespoke in nature. We need to tailor customized solutions to suffice your fleet and workforce requirements. We respect the unique structure and functioning of our every partner and strive to build solutions which fit their requirements perfectly.


We value your resources and suggest the most affordable yet effective solutions for trucking software. If you want to get the best value for your money spent on trucking software, come to us. Our pricing structure instills the sense of transparency with reasonable quotes.

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We develop trucking software solutions which deliver higher than expected ROI for our valued customers. This has helped us in bagging some of the most prestigious awards and accolades, validating our competitive spirit and unstoppable growth. Check out our recent achievements to know more.

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