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We understand that good things lies in minute details. Our Agile UX Framework complies with SDLC to design experience for every application on any device.

User Experience Discovery Phase


The discovery process is for our User Experience Architects to survey and define the potential target market, research on the target users, assess user feedback, conduct competitive analysis for feature and functionality development, review existing content and context, gap-analysis to bridge the gaps between assumptions and people need; finally sharing findings, creating guidelines and designing UX Design mapping it to business, front-end or back-end technical and non-functional requirements.


Our UX Architects in their design phase submit deliverables that defines how user journey will be implemented, including the branding, functional and performance specifications. Our UX Designers brainstorm and finalize a sitemap addressing both SEO & UX, matrix of features addressing business, functional and miscellaneous requirements, Wireframes that real-time screen flows, Content strategy for online interactions, detailed end to end user journey and scenarios, visual style guideline, overall strategy to measure the performance of the design and methods to optimize as per the feedback.
UX Design Phase
User Experience Development Phase


Our UX and UI Development team works closely together to implement technology libraries and constraints for creating customer experience as designed. As the product develops into a later development stage, the UX team gets involved with the back-end engineering team to fully implement the UX design features. Our User Experience Architects are experienced at working with upcoming and popular technologies and frameworks.


Our team helps your organization to continuously evaluate performance of your application based on metrics and user feedback and carry out optimization of launched product. The future releases are also under continuous evolution and features are improved or discarded based on your customer response.  Our team not only considers user feedback drive optimization but also latest market concepts and new technologies to help your organization realize your customer experience roadmap.
User experience testing
Minimum Viable UX


Your minimum viable product suffers a bad user experience as the development team is highly pressed on timely launch. Our User Experience team works with agile development team and creates minimum viable user experience mapped along the minimum features decided for the beta launch. Our team uses lean UX model to design “user experience” for MVPs rapidly as well as the testing, evaluating and optimizing is done in rapid iterations.
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