Fast Vehicle Maintenance Software

Planning deliveries within minutes
Flexible to abrupt and minor route changes

Cost-Saving Vehicle Management

Reduce idle times, pilferage and wastage
More business using the same team 

Easy-to-Use Vehicle Software

Making realistic and achievable commitment
Aligning operations to customer’s demands

Precise Vehicle Tracking Software

Real time status on your transport team
Know present,predict tomorrow by analysing historical data

Automate the minutest of Vehicle Management Process

Fuel Management

Create and manage fuel cards, monitor fuel consumption patterns and derive insights that helps you reduce your current fuel usage.

Driver Management

Real-time driver management by sending dynamic route chages, monitoring driving patterns and monitoring idle times, break time and on-road time. Extract IFTA reports with precise data.

Vehicle Self-Diagnosis

Automate scheduling of vehicle for regular mainteance, keep record of the expenses on vehicle repairs and also integrate vehicle’s telematics system for proactive and self-diagnoistic maintenace.

Tire Management

Include Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that proactively saves your from unexpected tire failures and increases resilience and lifetime of vehicle tires.

Accident Tracking

You can’t avoid accidents completely but you can avoid delayed in damage control actions through a robust accident tracking mechanism. It deals with such scenarios by swiftly alerting all the concerned parties which can provide expedite help on spot.

Maintenance Scheduling

Scheduling maintenance without abrupting your business as usual and on time for your entire fleet is tricky. A planning tool helps you schedule with your fleet with minimum impact to your operations

Mileage Tracking

Keep a tab on the vehicles which produce maximum ROI with the required maintenance. Mileage tracking helps in finding these ones.


Know exactly where your fleet is on a given point of time. It reduces your dependency on someone else to get status updates and also increases your efficiency with prompt updates to clients.

Work Order Management

Never delay work orders. With the automated work order management the vehicles can be directly scheduled and assigned with work orders for repair & maintenance once the threshold for the engine hours is hit.

Dispatch Management

Dispatch faster and you will be delivering fastest. Vehicle Dispatch Management talks to your Supply chain partners and get the dispatch done within 2 hours window

Vehicle Tracking

Complete command to navigate your shipments and order volume to the level of a single truck. It helps you to make your delivery process as dynamic as possible in order to generate maximum ROI.
Vehicle tracking software to TRACK EVERY POSSIBLE SCENARIO:
>  Whether the vehicle has been started-up without authorization?> Where your drivers are stopping and for how long?>  When and where the trailer door is opening for unloading?>  Whether your driver is over speeding roughly?> Whether the vehicle needs servicing before its scheduled time and more?
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