Why real-time Carrier Load Matching is one of the best software for trucking industry?

Why real-time Carrier Load Matching is one of the best software for trucking industry

Carrier Load matching has always been an interesting prospect for logistics trucking companies to increase their capacity without heavily investing in the core infrastructure. With the upcoming challenges in the trucking industry, companies are trying to implement carrier load matching more aggressively than ever before. In 2016, we are able to witness a new trend in Uber Trucking. With the help of one of the best software for trucking industry, the aggregator platform bind demand and supply and produce a more efficiently planned arrangement for freight. This helps logistics trucking companies to find a sound way to optimize on the consumable load capacity.

As fancy as it may sound, Uber Trucking is a trend for future. There are industry people who are open to discussing the pros and cons of the arrangement to judge it as a futuristic option. But the truth is, carrier load matching is not a concept from future, we have always been implementing it in our transport or travel arrangements at a very preliminary scale. It is just that the trucking companies are pursuing it with a more serious approach by removing the loopholes to make it more feasible to adopt.

Few problems are targeted by the carrier load matching directly.

  • Best Software for trucking industry for instant decision-making

Being present at the right place on right time is crucial in such scenario, and companies often miss the opportunity to send their consignments with a narrow window as they are often not aware of the “right time” to be present at shipment dock. Real-Time Carrier Load matching is meant to solve this problem.

  • Verification

Security has always been a concern for the carriers. When you are sending the complete load on a truck which you have never heard of, you are bound to lose sleep. Since you don’t know the exact state of the truck, company or the driver, you can’t be assured of the safety of the carrier load. Insurance, FMCSA information, driver record, maintenance log and other details about the carriers are the crucial information which is needed to opt for the carrier.

  • Accessibility

It is not possible to wait for the carriers for hours to get the freight transported. The planning and execution need to be fast and on the spot. The only problem is to make the carriers and freight owners aware about the demand and supply anytime and anywhere.   

  • Brokers

Brokers played as the third party which worked on a fixed cut to manage the freight and the carriers. Their share increases the shipment value and hence in the final product shipped. To remain competitive in the market by lowering the cost but not affecting the revenue directly, brokers needs to be eliminated from the chain.

  • Scaling

With the more than 90% of the trucking companies in the US owning less than or equal to 6 units, dispatching becomes slower for large freight. They either need to pool the resources internally or can collaborate with a third party vendor which is not directly benefitting the company. Also, with multiple carrier services, the individual order allotment decreases and you don’t end up with the amount initial expected.

Like all good things, carrier load matching is not an easy job. You need a comprehensive system which can take care of each step right from selecting the carrier to the delivery of the load. It is should be noted that at any point of time, the likelihood of getting the complete carrier dedicated only for one type of load is very less. Therefore, the nature of load transported plays a crucial role in accepting the other type of loads in the same trip. No doubt, matching the carrier loads is a lucrative option with lots of benefits for the logistic companies to its name, the planning and due attention to the details remains the key for successful operations. The direct benefits which can be drawn from carrier load matching system can be stated as follows.

  • Real Time Management

Forget spending few hours, checking out the availability of load carriers can be a matter of seconds. Without spending much energy and time on calls, you can take real-time decisions by simply checking the available carriers on your desktop. The database and updates keep on refreshing such that you are fed with the most recent status of the standing carriers ready to take the load.

  • Verified Carriers

It is a cumbersome as well as draining exercise for any logistics company to check the credentials and background record of every carrier they deal with. It is not only important for the obvious legal reasons, it is also important because this is the only resort which saves trucking companies from a huge penalty or compensation obligations in case the carrier is involved in any mishap. You will be served with options which are verified for MC, DOT, servicings, maintenance record, insurance and safe driving skills.

  • Unbounded Reach

You definitely don’t want to get up in the midnight to take a simple update about your recent carriers and loads on a field. With the help of cross-device data management and connectivity scenario, you can do everything on your smartphone or tablet which otherwise would have needed an office setup or the desktop. One fit for all is the way to reach out the business updates at any time.  

  • Increased Margin

Yes, it is possible. With an intelligent system to rearrange the loads keeping in mind nature and constraints attach with each load, you can replace your broker completely. This automatically increases your leverage. You can always weigh the options before settling on a broker or a software solution. In most of the cases, load matching via software wins.

  • Faster Dispatch

With instant information at your palmtop, all you need to take is that first step for hiring a carrier load matching service, faster dispatch can happen only when your staff is fed with all the reliable information needed to go ahead with the carrier. Once the ownership and the safety of cargo and driver are verified, you can opt for the carrier.

Increasing detention time is a major setback for most of the carrier companies. With the help of these smart software by DreamOrbit, you can make your load catching capacity much higher and stronger.

To know more about the Carrier Load Matching software, kindly go through best software for trucking industry by DreamOrbit Softech Private Ltd which gives you a more elaborate version of the benefits and the services provided to empower your trucks.   

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