Why We Love Internet Of Things (And You Should, Too!)

Internet of Things

“Alas! I arrive late from work and raid my fridge to find nothing edible. How stupid can a fridge be?? Shouldn’t it know that I am supposed to have Chinese today. How dumb!”

If you think that this is a far-fetched idea then you might be wrong.What if your fridge becomes smart enough to call for your favorite Chinese just as you are about to have dinner? This smartness of things is called “Internet of Things”, abbreviated as IoT.
After Smart phones, Smart cities and Smart cars; it is time for everything to turn Smart, just for you!

M2M (Machine to Machine) communication has been fascinating visionaries since its inception. But over the last decade there have been dramatic change in IoT field. Let’s see how IoT has progressed so far.

We have explored through the Pandora of possibilities Internet of Things opens but whatever may be the benefits are, one just can’t ignore the vulnerabilities attached with it. For example, security of information via smart vending machine may not be that important as it is to keep your information secure using Smart House Locks. Even the most expensive smartphones today have on an average 25 security leaks. So how do we decide to surrender our lives to IoT without concrete protocols and tested applications.

But these challenges does not mean that you need to shy away from leveraging the power of IoT for your business. DreamOrbit has identified this constraint in the industry and has been involved in not only developing IoT solutions but also addressing the security aspect too. IoT has substantial scope in Big Data analysis, reliability monitoring, instant support and troubleshooting and automated solutions for Business Intelligence services. DreamOrbit connect these dots without leaving any security loophole & giving you extensive Business intelligence services using power of IoT.

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