With Mobility becoming our present, It’s time to unleash the future hidden in IOT Solutions

IOT Solutions

2016 was the year of mobility and mobility trends conquering the business processes of different industries across the globe. Companies, irrespective of their size and domain, jumped on to acquiring best mobility solutions as it seems to be an integral part of future modern business operations. It is not that only mobility is the future for industries anymore. Contrary to that, mobility has penetrated efficiently into the current business practices providing smarter solutions based on the insights from data analysis. We are able to harness the power of data by programming our existing infrastructure to think smartly with IOT. While mobility is becoming the present for industries, a new and an even more exciting future is shaping up under the influence of smart IOT solutions in 2017.

What is IOT for enterprises?

Internet of Things (IOT) started making ripples in the business world after 2000 as one of the most revolutionary concepts. After the digital revolution of “Connecting People” the idea of “Connecting Things” is taking shape. Now the machines are able to communicate and take intelligent decisions to facilitate business process without human intervention, making them truly smart. The age of automation is round the corner.

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The dawn of a “connected era” in business with the help of IoT is not a mere prediction. The trend is aptly backed by the market research observations such as Gartner which estimates that we will be dealing with around 25 billion connected devices by 2020 with the help of IoT. M2M communication has penetrated in the business processes for monitoring and tracking purposes and has proved to be extremely relevant so far.   

State of IOT solutions by 2020

IOT solutions by 2020

*Source: Statista Charts

Current applications of enterprise mobility:

Enterprise mobility solutions have fairly managed to add tremendous value to the operations and business processes. It has succeeded to penetrate as deep as into the grassroots operations while also being relevant to the higher level management functions to develop needed visibility into the business. With the help of real-time and transparent business transactions, validations and confirmations have speeded up facilitating the process planners to create more succinct and productive service cycles.

Ease of collaboration, access to information and prospects of real-time decision making have become the key features for any organization to ensure swift and efficient business practices. Thus making enterprise mobility solutions an integral part of a successful business culture.

How IoT is adding value in enterprise mobility applications:

With the help of innovative solutions and ideas of utilizing M2M communication to the fullest, IOT is finding its relevance for enterprises in some niche areas. For the organizations already implementing IoT solutions, asset utilization accounts for 25% of the value generated by IoT solutions for them.

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Asset utilization, advanced monitoring, diagnosis & alerts, enhanced visibility of in-transit carriers and predictive programming are few areas where IoT helps in improving the safety measures and decreasing operational cost. With the help of advanced diagnostic sensors placed at the key areas of assets, communicating real-time statistics about the machinery, helps us to judge a potential breakdown beforehand and prepare for counter action. This can only be made possible by continuous monitoring and analyzing the machine behavior closely. The next step is to utilize the insights obtained and develop a predictive programming strategy which is capable of lowering the breakdown scenarios.  

What is DreamOrbit striving for in 2017?

For a dramatic change in global business practices through implementation of IOT.

We are living in the times when last mile delivery, omnichannel transportation, predictive programming and automated business processes are utilizing IOT solutions with practical applications. Amazon has already started using drones in last mile delivery making 1 hr delivery possible.  

It is the time that the industry leaders has started to acknowledge the need to develop enterprise solutions leveraging IOT solutions. These are capable of managing the business as well as accumulating needed insights into the future trends. Few of the raging industry problems such as workforce crunch, safety issues, and immediate or real-time services are guaranteed to be tapped in a better way through IOT solutions.  

It is important to realize that we need to pass the overwhelming fact of IOT being the future. Indeed, we need to start working on the scenario where IOT is rapidly becoming our present. There are times when the sheer brilliance of the IOT solutions along with its mind-numbing benefits intimidates the business owners. We want to prove ourselves for enterprises as a one stop reliable destination for adaptive IOT solutions which can embrace enterprise mobility to deliver more relevant and trustworthy solutions.

About DreamOrbit:

DreamOrbit is a Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Development company. We have been creating meaningful and reliable software products for the industry which is “Always on the go” for the past half decade. We are highly motivated team aimed at innovation. Our philosophy is to “keep challenging the potential within”.  With the support of our happy customers and dedicated team, we strive to provide best possible solutions to industry problems. Visit our website to know more about DreamOrbit.

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